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Company Background
Powercom was founded in 1987, a leading provider of power protection products. Powercom designs, manufactures, markets and services UPS systems for end user, business and industry, from PCs to minicomputers, LANs, WANs, cash register/POS systems, office telecommunication equipment and global communication networks. In addition, Powercom offers a complete line of power monitoring and shutdown software for most of operating systems.

As an international firm with ISO 9001 certificate, there are over 2,000 employees around the globe service customers from all over the world. Powercom is keenly expanding to provide its customers with better and better complete power solution worldwide. Investing twice as much as our competitors into research and development provides a steady stream of innovative new products. Powercom's UPS products range from the low-cost stand-by UPSs and line-interactive to true on-line series. Compact and user friendly design and above average run time is incorporated into the design of all Powercom products.

Powercom's competitiveness is not only derived from hardware design but also from unique software research and development. Powercom's in house design software, UPSMON Plus Network allows network managers to utilized Powercom's on-line and line-interactive UPSs to monitor the battery, power load, Input and output AC voltage and other conditions from color monitors screen. The software displays bar and meter graphs with different colors including the status of the UPS is monitoring. Moreover, the system will automatically notify user should there is a power problem occur.

Powercom has been serving many global corporations for many years. Powercom knows how to work with clients by experience. From previewing the prospective product to offering an approach to product lines, each developing process is carefully followed and every product has to pass sophisticated engineering and reliability tests to meet client's demands. Powercom, an ISO 9001 quality certified manufacturer with an over 17-year solid record, welcome inquires of distributing Powercom products as well as building OEM/ODM business partnerships together all over the world. Whatever your requirement is, your will find that Powercom is the complete power solution.

Fundamental facts:
  Establishing Date :
  24th of April, 1987
  Total Number of Employees:
  More than 1200 people in Taiwan, Mainland China, and USA.
  The Total Area of Production Sites:
  13000 square meters (3520 pings), not including overseas branches
  Maximum Production Capacity:
  More than 250,000 pcs per month
  Marketing Channels:
  Mainly export and aggressively expand micro and home UPS market in the world market.
  Target Customers:
  OEM/ODM partnership cooperation; distributors for Powercom "PCM" brand name around the world.
  Annual Sales Revenue:
  • 1997 US$ 41,000,000

  • 1998 US$ 55,000,000

  • 1999 US$ 60,000,000

  • 2000 US$ 76,000,000

  • 2001 US$ 84,000,000

  • 2002 US$ 90,000,000

  • 2003 US$ 100,000,000

  • 2004 US$ 120,000,000 (Estimated)
    Development Milestones
    April, 1987 The establishment of Powercom, initially designing and manufacturing intelligent UPS.  
    May, 1989 The first manufacturer in Taiwan presents super slim UPS with microprocessor control and built in AVR and having the approval of German TUV and USA UL.  
    June, 1990 Introducing S.P.W.M. technology to research and develop on line UPS .  
    January, 1992 Moving from Yuan Tun production site to Lien Chien, the current Head quarters. Expanding scale and adding the business item of providing the engineering service on computer center  
    June, 1992 Present the new high frequency on-line UPS with less volume, weight and noise.  
    June, 1993 Expand production capacity (adding production lines on 10th floor) and enhance the marketing sales network in the middle and south of Taiwan.  
    December, 1993 Complete on-line UPS research and development. Powercom has most UPS models (15 models) among competitors in Taiwan.  
    June, 1994 Receiving Award of Golden Plaza of National Excellent Electrical Equipment from the government.  
    August, 1994 ONH Series is approved by TUV in Germany making Powercom products market all over the world.  
    August, 1994 Selected by the government as a model enterprise. Consult with the National Institution of Management Science to proceed total quality management (TQM) and computerization plan. Introduce the newest operation system, MIPS shortening the manufacturing lead time and making production flow more flexible  
    October, 1994 Awarded by the government as an enterprise with excellent performance
    July, 1995 Receiving the award of best UPS efficiency design  
    October, 1995 Receiving the award of National Golden Brain  
    November, 1995 Receiving the award of best UPS efficiency design  
    February, 1996 Receiving the Certificate of ISO 9001 Quality System  
    September, 1996 Receiving the fifth national awards of small and medium enterprises from Ministry of Economic Affairs  
    October, 1996 UPS King series awarded as the Symbol of Excellence Winner from Taiwan government  
    February, 1997 Smart King series awarded as the Symbol of Excellence Winner from Taiwan government  
    March, 1997 Receiving the award of Small Medium Business with innovative entrepreneurship from the government  
    December, 1998 Ultimate UPS series awarded as the Symbol of Excellence Winner from Taiwan Government.  
    October, 1999 Receiving the Award from Asia-Pacific Industrial R&D Foundation as the Rising Stars among Small-Medium Business.  
    March, 2000 Powercom is officially traded on TAISDAQ (Code : 5476).  
    August, 2002 Powercom is officially traded on TSE (Code : 3043).
    September, 2002 Powercom China Guan-Hung factory completion.  

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