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Business Structure

Powercom is a private held company and went public in Taiwan stock market in year 2001. President, Simon Chang and Vice President, David Wang have been in UPS industry for more than 18 years and fully pay attention to company's daily operation and future development.

After 15-year's establishment, Powercom has become the No. 1 micro UPS professional manufacturers in Taiwan. Having more than 55 R/D engineers today and dedicated design teams, Powercom always presents newest models with smaller size & weight and state of the art technology & excellent performance. Simply having qualified R/D engineers, Powercom encompasses all the procedures from having the design idea to providing timely after-service to customers.

The concept of supply chain is seriously implemented within Powercom organization. Responsible for all computer systems implemented within Powercom including various internal operation systems, internet, intranet and extranet management & maintenance.

MIS Office is acting the role of the cyber-link for the whole Powercom organization.

MIS Office:
Responsible for all computer systems implemented within Powercom including various internal operation systems, internet, intranet and extranet management & maintenance. MIS Office is acting the role of the cyber-link for the whole Powercom organization.
TQM Committee:
The TQM (Total Quality Management) Committee is acting as a grand coordinator among each department (mainly integrates the information between marketing & sales department and engineering & production departments). The members in TQM committee are selected from each department and have a regular meeting every week.
R& D Department:
Research & Development is the core competitiveness in Powercom. Presenting the cost effective UPS models without sacrificing their quality function and performance is Powercom's long-term commitment in worldwide UPS industry. In comparison with other competitors in Taiwan, Powercom has more design engineers either in hardware or in software and more investment in advanced testing equipment purchase. Currently, there are around 50 R& D engineers. Each design team is composed of 5 or 6 engineers and dedicated to a certain product line or OEM/ODM project.
Marketing Department:
Marketing Department is the intelligence center in Powercom. With a through and well-planning marketing strategy, Powercom is always many steps ahead of its competitors. Listening to customer's needs and taking hold of worldwide UPS market trend are two important main guidelines to adhere to whenever weaving marketing tactics. Marketing department is not only communicating externally with outside environment but also internally within Powercom. Marketing Department is utilizing the most advanced communication tools and e-business solutions either on web-site or on any advanced communication channels
OEM & Brand Sales Department:
Having the excellent products is one thing; Creating profitable business is the other. Powercom has its own sales team and each saleswoman or salesman is dedicated to certain sales territory. With stable and qualified sales force, Powercom not only distributes its products with own brand name, "PCM", more than forty countries in the world but also establish partnership with worldwide top UPS leaders on an OEM/ODM basis. By adapting the dual sales strategy, Powercom always enjoy the benefits of production economy scale; better bargaining power with vendors and having more accurate sales forecast.
Administration Department
Making the budget plan, conducting cost analysis, controlling the audit process and evaluating investment opportunities are four main areas for Accounting & Finance Section to work on.
As Powercom plans for going public in stock market in Taiwan in year 2001, this section is also acting the bridge between security consultancy company and Powercom to provide all necessary unbiased information.
Purchasing Section:
Sourcing components with good quality, competitive price and on-time delivery is main job field of this section. Not only having the administrative function but also acting the role in Powercom's strategic development, this section is always keeping eyes on looking for new materials or components which can potentially replace the existing ones.
Human Resource Section:
Human Resources are most important assets within an organization. This section is to encompass all areas of human resource relevant issues, recruitment & selection, reward & appraisal, training & education and employee relation.
Production Control & Manufacture Department:
After sales departments receive orders from customers, this department is to follow up all production coordination issues. Meeting customer's delivery date and balancing the condition between supply and demand are the two key objectives of this department. Besides satisfying customer's delivery requirements, Production Control & Manufacture Department also takes care of manufacturing equipment and proceeds stock take every half year.
Corporate Quality Department:
"Quality First, Customers First" is the quality policy Powercom always seriously adheres to. This department is to look after all quality activities involved in Powercom. Quality is not only meant for products but also meant for every process of value- adding activity. With "Zero Defect" quality goal, Powercom has the following quality slogans for each employee.

  • Doing Right things right in the first time

  • Quality is everyone's responsibility

  • Endless Improvement

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