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Factory Tour

Powercom, the No.1 Micro UPS ISO-9001 certified manufacturer since 1996

As being an ISO certified professional UPS manufacturer since 1996, Powercom has a complete procedure of designing the new products in the first beginning until the finished shipment to customers all over the world. With Powercom's quality policy, "Quality First, Customer First", UPS designed and manufactured from Powercom is highly recognized by customers all over the world.

Weekly Meeting Held by TQM Committee acting as a coordination board

Powercom has a TQM committee that acts as a coordination center among each department as well as an advisory board of providing the state of the art skills and knowledge of improving corporate quality. TQM committee's members are selected from each department and have a weekly meeting to discuss quality relevant issues. The Vice President, Mr. David Wang is the chairman of this committee and supervises all action items that are agreed upon each meeting

Product Research & Development with dedicated design team

With more than 80 engineers, Powercom always presents new product models with better performance, meeting worldwide standard and competitive cost faster than its competitors. Recognizing R&D capability is the core competitiveness in UPS industry. Powercom invest twice as much as its competitors on R&D either equipment or facility purchase or human resources development. Besides, Powercom are one of few UPS manufacturers in Taiwan who has in-house UPS monitoring software design team. Whenever planning to present a new model, R&D department is listening very carefully to customer needs and having a through and systematic discussion with sales department, manufacture department and corporate quality department in order to carry out practical product design without any misperception.

Manufacturing & Production Site with Modern Facility and skilled Labor Force

Equipping with modern production facility and stable skilled labor force, Powercom is enjoying the benefits of having competitive manufacturing cost and excellent production yield rate. With production floors accommodated in the same building, Frequent Communication and close double check are two critical factors of making production line run smooth. With current production site in Taiwan as well as in Mainland China, Powercom is eagerly expanding its production capacity in order to meet great demands in the near future.

State of the Art Testing Equipment and Quality Control Procedure

Powercom is striving to reach its quality goal, " Zero defect" by using modern facility and qualified engineers to test every product. Not only conducting the after production quality control, Powercom aim to do right things right in the first time. Deign-In quality and proactive measurements are two unique features distinguished from competitor's concept on quality control. Each finished product is gone through burn in procedure (burn in hours vary from models to models). After the complete quality testing procedures. Every product is packed with great care then ready for shipment.

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