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TAIPEI, TAIWAN -- July 1st, 2002 - Powercom Co., Ltd. (PCM) today announced the worldfs smallest UPS (WOW-300S), the birth of this unique yet stylish UPS is aiming the SOHO and home users. The size of WOW-300S is measured at 12.4"x3.9"x2.7", which is slightly bigger than conventional power bars. The 12.4 inch length fits in 6 outlets (including 3 battery protected and surge protected outlets and another 3 outlets that protect equipment from surge. 2 extra space outlets designed for AC adaptors.

3 battery back up and surge outlets are recommended to protect power sensitive equipments such as PC, monitor and model while the other 3 surge only outlets are recommended to protected non-data sensitive equipments such as printer, scanner and PDA charger. WOW-300S also comes with Phone/Fax/Internet protection which compatible with RJ-11 and RJ-45 jacks, since the growing popularity of xDSL and Cable modems, the RJ-45 becomes essential for broadband protection. A RS-232 jack is installed to this unit, it transmit power problems to the computer and make warning or commends to the computer automatically, in case of power failure, the free bundled UPSMON plus network remote monitoring software will automatically save all the files that are incomplete as well as give comments to the computer to shutdown properly.

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